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I smile recklessly and I love excessively. I live today knowing I have no other day until tomorrow. Now is my moment. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a mystery, but today, today is my gift (present).

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dear Valentine

Dear Valentine

You thought you whisper to my ears, but the whispers instead talk to my heart. You kiss my soul every time I give you my lips. Thank you dear Valentine, for in you I see things I was blinded to. Thank you for letting me see the world in you.

Your Valentino

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Lived nightmares can have a hope.

I was in my mid 20s, at an age when I aspired a place in the world of young professionals when I met an influential relative who would turn my love dreams into lived nightmares in the hope of ending with 'happily ever after'.

It was my brothers birthday party and honestly, my mind was too occupied by events to even notice him. This was the first time I saw him, but I do not think I gave him a second thought that night. He went home in the wee hours of the morning and scribbled something in his heart's diary, in the lines of 'TODAY I MET THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS'. 18 yrs on I am still in his dreams. There have been 2 proposals, both 17 yrs apart, a son and a 16 yr separation. For a good fraction of that 16 years both of us have dreamt of killing each other. We have both done things in our own rights only to be haunted by their results years later. We both felt justified that our actions were getaways to entering new chapters of our separate lives, but....., God always has a wicked sense of humour.

On 31st Dec, both our families gathered for a negotiation aka 'uthoni'. My son has his father back, an 11 yr old brother and I am just about asking Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore if they will help me say 'When I say I do'.