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Monday, 11 May 2009

Honest S/crap

I don’t ’brag, so please, don’t make me.

I’m very grateful and honoured to have this award. I also wanna thank you (you know yourselves) for the messages, chats, and constantly reminding me that I’m missed in the blogsphere.

Shiko, Kei, Ngare and Joy all tagged or is it s/crapped me, That is a real 'honour'. Shiko and KK missed the flowerly maua smile (I’ll put a fresh one soon- as soon as I get broadband), thus the tagging to guarantee a comeback. Ngare misses the good stuff (which ones, please electrify and elaborate – Masanduku). Joy thinks I’m honestly quiet and tagging might make me yell (I’m yelling now). I hope to stay, this time.

I pray that I’m not late, like Kei, and if I am, I blame the cable in my new address. I hate BT, and Virgin Media has no broadband on my postcode (shame on you Mr Branson, this is pure discrimination). Believe it or not, I park outside a library or hotel to ‘tap’ wireless connections.

Ok, here are the listings.

1. I love the Lord with all my heart, soul and strength. I try to make my actions speak louder than my words. I believe that with Him all things are possible, even Mr Maua coming into my life. He reminds me that if I seek His Kingdom first, (not because He’ll reward me, but because He commands me) all the other things, He knows I need them, therefore He’ll give them to me when the right time comes.

2. I leave my phones on all the time, and I pick all my calls. All my close friends know that they can get me any time of the day. If you phone me late in the night, especially after I’ve dozed off, I’ll answer, and in my sleep I’ll ask if you are ok, and if we can talk in the morning. I know I always forget to phone back, but then again, the tone matters,

3. I am multi skilled. I pride myself in wedding planning and photography, but I only do this in summer. I’ve worked in health care service delivery most of my working life, yet my PG qualification has absolutely nothing to do with health service. I use my skills more in church and social events. I’m still studying, and still not making use of what I study. (Crazy ehhh).

4. I love my son so much. He is the reason for all seasons. I want the very best for him.

5. Kenyanchick and Modo inspired me into blogging. For about 2 months I toyed myself into commenting on their posts, and thru the comments, I staggered into PKW, and I had to comment. I had to open a g-mail account to comment, then a blog and the rest is history.

6. I can’t drive manual cars. If my car breaks down, my brothers laugh at me coz I can’t drive theirs, but they can drive mine. I’ve tried, but I just don’t get to gear 3.

7. I look 20 something in my 5.3 frame, pass for a school gal, sometimes I wish I look my age, like when I went to the Off Licence and they refused to serve me without an ID. Once I cut my hair very short and my son forbid, I repeat, forbid me to go to his school because I looked like a boy, and the next day he said that I’m the smallest adult he knows. When my son was a baby, the first time I took him to the health visitor she insisted on bringing the mother. In my son’s records, it showed the mother was 30 something, but this little thing with a buggy looked 15-6. I worked in hospitals (before the crunch), and when I see these big mamas with 3 kids then I look at their records….DOB …..1983, I think to myself, gal you’re old, ’83 you were in High school.

8. I smile a lot, smiles help me make friends. I’ve got a good dental pack, which reminds me I need to book an appointment to see 3TOC’s colleague. Smiles earn me friends, I make them very easily, but when an underage starts making passes, the smile vanishes like mad.

9. I hope to meet all bloggers in my blogroll, and many more. I think most of them are interesting people. I’ve recently found out that one blogger in my blogroll is an old friend/relative, who we communicate all the time.

10. I’m always late in submitting my assignments, and the truth is, I never understand the question until 3-4 days to the deadline. My tutors are forever cross with me.

11. I'm a photographer, and although my son has loads of albums, I can count my photos. I never get any taken. EGM, how many photos do you have?

Given that I’ve come in late and many are tagged, Can I only do 3, please. Dear blogthren I give you pkw prettylyf EGM

the rules,guys, the rules.

1.You must brag about the award - Check

2.You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to the blogger - Check

3.You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
4.Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog.
5.List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on with the instructions!

If I've not done something right, it has to be coz I've not blogged for long, might take long to get used to again.


Shiko-Msa said...

Hhehehe I was also unable to brag about the award Lol.

I want Number 7! I want to look 20 something when I'm not!

I'm all ready for Number 9. Plz holler when you're around. You might be the one coming this way first as opposed to me coming over there lol.

No: 4 - Happy belated Mother's day.

Mo said...

Do you have a flickr account with your photos?

I like looking at photography.

PKW said...

Your personality comes through on your blog. I've never forgotten the kind words you gave me when I was down,some good leads, too.My first blog post,remember? Thanks!

OK, so I've been tagged. Couple days and I'll see if I can pull through with the some honest crap about myself.

Maua said...

@Shiko. Thanx for the MD wishes. Received. You want No 7, your mum has to love you enough to send you abroad before you turn 20. The shock hits you so big you come from size 16 to a 10 in less than a year, and never recover after that. Mine loved me so.

Mombasa will be my landing, so get ready when all is set, I have to save first.

@Mo, No I don't, I wanna try picasa though, any good.

@PKW, That was the first comment with my signature, thanx. and we're waiting.

KK said...

Finally... You probably don't realize this but you also bring a lot of smiles here:)

joyunspeakable said...

Yes i have to agree with KK....

Now honestly you feel and sound like someone i know so well..time will tell...

Maua keep on...i loved to knowyou so good as now

Mo said...

Picasa's awesome; holla with the link if/when you create an account.

Maua said...

Flattered, very flattered.

One Picasa coming.

Farmgal said...

Have we met? If not say you'll be at Twickenham this sato my dear. I have a feeling we met, correct me if am wrong...

Love your list

Maua said...

FG, Yes we've met, I took photos of you in Gloucester some yrs back. We'll meet, got my tickets already.

egm said...

Agreed. Out of about 700GB of photos that I have, those that I appear in I think wouldn't even come to 10MB! I never appear in them unless someone insists they take pics of me, or I put the camera on a tripod and self timer.

Have you set up your picassa link? My flickr account is here.

savvy said...

For what it's worth, I'd like to meet you too.