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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Kenyans in London know how to do their thing.

It was a lovely day, hata the weather behaved itself. In my almost 20 yrs in UK, I've never been to a Rugby Match, lakini nilipenda. Below is the pure proof I was there, and I give God all the glory, coz I enjoyed myself.

The Kenyan team.... mmmmhhhhwa. First match Kenya beat Scotland I think 17-12. Second match Kenya beat USA 33-0, but they lost to Fiji 24-5.

The support was really kwa wingi. Kenyans came from all over, I reckon there were over 2500 kenyans, and the good thing is, they were all seated together. People said that the stadium was so quiet except when Kenya was playing. Kenyans were the only united supporters. Before beating USA, the slogan went 'Yes We Can', courtesy of Virgin Atlantic, the sponsors. After the match 'Yes we did' was sung until USA knew they were beaten.

Let the spirit live on, for next year, I'll be there too.

Twickenham Stadium South Wing was all Kenyan

And they all came


France Vs England

'Yes we can' support.

The Kenyan Team

The Kenyan spirit

The Kenyan Team


joyunspeakable said...

maua u and mst are the bomb...nice to see yours truly..i love the kenyanese, the feel around you..you must have enjoyed yourself...now the game? No beers? Kenyans you see..but i like the thing that unites all we..

Taabu said...

Way to go and if only the GENUIINE Kenyanness was contegious I would infect all and sundry back home.

Now how how you post my photo bila idhini? Consulting my lawyers before I decide on next course of action. Meanwhile jienjoy the Kenyan spirit.

Maua said...

@Joy, Kenyan beer consumption in that stadium paid for the whole thing I'm sure. They left when the last drop of alcohol was confirmed. We enjoyed ourselves to the maximum.

@Taabu, the true Kenyanness came thru the airports all the way from Kenya. How else.....

Where were you seated? I'd have taken you a better potrait. Tell your solicitor I'll make you a superstar cheering hooligan, and we'll have to share all the money we make.

I was too tired to go cheer on Sunday, but I hear they did good. Topi Lyambila reports it. http://www.kenyalondonnews.co.uk/

Tandra said...

now i need to go to one of those.. and scream like im being paid!

Glad u had fun

Shiko-Msa said...

ooooh Good to see you and Maua Junior. Cuteness both of you.

Anonymous said...

you all look like you had fun. good for you.

Maua said...

@Tandra, It took 2 days to have my voice back, and my body to rest. But it was worth it all.

@Shix, Ngima yumaga mutuini, he has to be, like mother like son.

@Neema, I met the bloggers, many friends I'd not seen for long, and over 3000 Kenyans. The cheering was a bonus.

Mo said...

Ha, Kenyans abroad cheer for our boys like MAAAD. Its like they forget their homesickness and they're back in their motherland for those few hours.

Cool pics.

KK said...

Wow! And some pics... finally. Awesome!

savvy said...

Yeah, Awesome pics, looks like you had an awesome time.

Maua said...

Mo, it's called uzalendo.

KK, Thanx, but Mst Maua's not very happy with pastes of him all over, he asked to be deleted.

Savvy, we had a whale of fun. Next Sat they are in Scotland, still contemplating on the 7-8 hour drive.

Nakeel said...

Lovely pics sure you had a blast... Njoo we finish at Safari sevens.