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Sunday, 6 December 2009

I ate my school fees

A long time ago, I yearned for a place in the world of successful professionals. My dear mum reminded me that to get there I had to study hard. She reminded me that she'd do anything to make sure I had the best education there was, but only if I was willing. Willing I was, but life threw it's lemons at me, and instead of making lemonade, I ran after oranges which I never seemed to get.

Now I'm a mother myself, and I keep telling my son to study hard, the only difference is that when he's doing his homework, I'm also doing mine. I'm paying bitterly for all the fees I squandered.

I only hope he listens to me. I never listened to mine, instead I bought oranges with my fees. Now I'm the mother, the father, the student, the friend, the everything. Mother and friend I've no problems with, but the father and student and a bit of everything, a few more months, and I might just get parole.


joyunspeakable2011 said...

@lemonades are sweet. They make oranges taste better. Umepotea maua. Soma na upite sana

Darius Stone said...

You remind me of a song that was drummed into our heads in primary school - it was the title song of the TV school's quiz show that I used to do.

"Someni vijana
Muongeze pia bidii
Mwisho wa kusoma
Mtapata kazi mzuri sana"

"Mambo ya siku hizi
Si kupigana mangumi
Kalamu na karatasi
Ndio silaha ya siku hizi"

The artist went by the name Ben Obolla Blaster - and to my shock, my mother had a tape of his album that had that very song.

As for studying, I see it as a life long labour of love. The only difference perhaps is that I choose to study to learn new things as opposed to proving to someone that I know things. Maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that I can be very anti-establishment.

You've already played the father this far - and that alone, tells me how strong you are - hang in there my dear.

Maua said...

@Joy, I've been studying my entire life, and finally, I see the end coming. Kupita nitapita, I've sworn to that. After kupita, u'll read more of me.

@Mr Stone, that song is somewhere in my memory lane, but I never quite had the full lyrics. Thanks.

I've studied to learn things that I felt I wanted, but not needed. I've got to a point in my life where I've reflected 20 yrs ago and searched on where I saw myself today. The reflection has concluded that I forgot to get the papers I needed, and I have to rewind a bit to pick them.

Do you know how hard it is to know and act like you have a PHd in life only to miss those promotions coz you can't prove it on paper?

Darius Stone said...

Those damn papers...LOL! My high school head-teacher used to shove that "you must have good paper" mantra down our throats.

I have a confession though - I've never collected my school leaving cert or result slip and I've never had to produce them anywhere. Once I was asked about them but I suggested to the employer that asking me for them was like asking me to ID myself as over 18 when I've used a credit card to purchase the alcohol.