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I smile recklessly and I love excessively. I live today knowing I have no other day until tomorrow. Now is my moment. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a mystery, but today, today is my gift (present).

Thursday, 18 November 2010


When I gave you my heart, it was whole, and I was somebody. Why is it in pieces, making me feel like a nobody?

You introduced me to Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore, and they made so much sense when they taught me things that lovers do. I believed everything they said.

Why do you make them look so bad?


Cee said...

Hey Maua,

welcome back...

Maua said...

Thanx Cee. Trying to find my place, again.

lulu said...

wow lovely! i hope this isnt where you are

Maua said...

@Lulu, Apparently so. Sad thing, I'm scared of healing, coz that means I'll forget him and all we shared, and I'll have wasted allt hat time. Silly eehh.