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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Free wedding photography in London

I’ve been negotiating to shoot this wedding, and just yesterday, I got the worst news. Another Kenyan photographer was on the look out too, and his negotiating skills are maybe better than mine.

Normally, a wedding photography package starts from about £350.00 to about £750.00, with a 10-15% deposit. But this other photographer had something better. He has offered to shoot the wedding free of charge as long as he’s allowed to set a studio at the reception premises. The studio photos cost £5-10 each depending on size and whether photo mounts or frames are available, but one can not determine how many people will actually buy their photos.

I’ve been in weddings where I’ve set up studios, or just being a paparazzo, and although the money can be good, most times it’s a flop, not forgetting the fact that people look at you in manners likely to suggest … not very welcomed. EGM says it better.

I can not stop wondering if this photographer will actually offer the quality of work he’d otherwise offer if he did not have a studio, and how many other photographers he’ll have backing up coz he can’t do it all.

It has left me wondering what the future of wedding photography beholds. I’m just weary of my Kenyan people, and I think I’ll have to rewrite my Marketing/Business Plan. I need to re-look at my targets.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Summer Fun Day

Yesterday was my church’s ‘Summer Fun Day’, a day we all look forth to. It happens once in a year on a Sunday afternoon after church in Greenwich Park in South East London. And it’s always sunny and bright.

Kenyan women get to play ‘kati’ aka dodge ball, bladder – something close to that, and bubble gum, although I grew up knowing it was bablican bablican. They give no chance for the other nationalities, mainly European to show what they did as kids.

Men, as usual, have carried football all these years and I don’t think they need reminding. Most find their game quite enjoyable, but a few will join the women as they reminiscence their childhood games.

Our children are always amazed at the games we played some 10-30 yrs ago. At first they just spectate, before they gather the courage to join in.

However, yesterday’s weather was a put off. The temperature was too cold, and many parents didn’t wait till dark. By 5:00 pm, we were freezing and almost everyone had left.

Next year, if I’ll help plan it, I might just call the weather station a month in advance just to be on the safe side.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Kenyan Tribes - Last Draft

1. Boni
2. Giriama
3. Jibana
4. Kaoma
5. Pokomo
6. Rabai
7. Ribe
8. Duruma
9. Digo
10. Taita
11. Taveta
12. Embu
13. Gusii
14. Kamba
15. Kikuyu
16. Meru
17. Luhya
18. Nandi
19. Kuria
20. Tugen
21. Kipsigis
22. Pokot
23. Elgeyo
24. Marakwet
25. Keiyo
26. Sabaot
27. Elkony
28. Samburu
29. Turkana
30. Maasai
31. El Molo
32. Luo
33. Ogiek
34. Suba
35. Gabbra
36. Galla
37. Rendille
38. Boran
39. Orma
40. Njemps

Missing 2 if there are 42, and more than that if the number is bigger than 42. If I was to count all the Luhya sub tribes, the list goes to over 50. What if I omit the unheard of tribes eg Orma, Njemps, Gabbra, El Molo, but even so, the list is still more than 42.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Kenya - How many tribes?

My son, who has never been to Kenya asked me to name all the tribes in Kenya. Shame on me, as patriotic as I say I am, I don't know.

I keep hearing 'there are 42 tribes in Kenya', and 'There are 47 tribes' etc.

Exactly how many tribes are there? I've tried google, but..........

I've started a list, and kindly ask my blogthren to add to it, and maybe,just a maybe, by the end of the month, we'll know.

1. Boni
2. Boran
3. Choni
4. Digo
5. Duruma
6. El Molo
7. Elkony
8. Embu
9. Gabbra
10. Galla
11. Giriama
12. Gusii
13. Jibana
14. Kalenjin
15. Kamba
16. Kaoma
17. Kikuyu
18. Kipsigis
19. Kisii
20. Kuria
21. Luhya
22. Luo
23. Marakwet
24. Masai
25. Meru
26. Orma
27. Pokomo
28. Pokot
29. Rabai
30. Rendille
31. Ribe
32. Samburu
33. Taita
34. Taveta
35. Teso
36. Tugen
37. Turkana