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Saturday, 2 February 2008

Nearly There Syndrome

I know it's a little late for this, but I was reflecting on a few things in regard to the New Year. But instead, I found myself referring to 2007, the many things I purposed to do. Some are half way done, and others are still being birthed. I thought of the effort I’d put, the time I spent trying to make them be, and just why they never became.

Most things I start, they nearly get to the finishing point. Very few get there. I made a short trip to my walk with God, my contribution in my church, and the many activities I participate in. And like wise, I feel I’m half way there.

In a silent prayer, I asked God, “Why do I suffer from a Nearly There Syndrome? Why do you allow this to happen?”

In a silent voice, I heard God talking to me. He asked me, ’how much tithe have you robbed me in the last year? You nearly get to almost giving me your tithe, but you give me part of it, some Sundays you forget your purse and cheque book at home, and you end up giving me loose change from your pocket. You busy yourself on Saturday evenings, get home late and tired and you sometimes do not go to church or get there late and don’t get to do some things you purpose to do. But you nearly get to do them, but you do not. If you do them, you do them half way. Likewise, I nearly get to blessing you. I nearly get to finish those projects for you. But if you will commit yourself fully, in every area, then I will commit to playing my part, and I will surely get there for you’.

I knelt down and asked for forgiveness, for I am guilty, and I have sinned. But I know that the blood of Jesus will wash me clean, and I can start again, because God is a God of 2nd chances. I trust Him, that when He says, He will.


joyunspeakable said...

nearly there....

have you noticed how we continue having nearly there syndrom in all matters.....someone calls me..we arrange a date for 10.00am. At the appointed time am 2hrs away but i call to assure them i'll be thirty minutes away, one hr later the person calls and am just nearly there.....i give an excuse am on the jam.....

have you noticed how the gadgets called mobile phones keep me nearly there...i digress...one day a pastor friend owed me money..he was to return like yesterday...i called him. could see him accross the street. He said he was far off in some town i knew....far in a mission...only for me to walk to him accross the road and say goodmorning Pasi....how's your mission going? i was just nearly there...

have you noticed how many times i keep promising you i'll get in touch, pay you that debt, see you when it matters, do you a brotherly deed, keep my promises and all that very soon?

just know am nearly there...where? just nearly....only this is a very common scenario in my life..i need repentance too.......

Lord am not good with my brethren either cos am always too close yet never there.....that's why when its a meeting i always excuse myself and promise to be there in the Spirit......sometimes do we ask ourselves what happens when all those spirits meet instead of our physical presence? no....its another lie to show how nearly we are there.

Maua said...

@Joyunspeakable, I can see your pastor's face, with you looking straight in his eyes.

I really feel for our friends, especially when they are looking up to us for something they know we can do for them. You know, when we are nearly there. (stuck in traffic, train delays). Knowing fully well we'll let them down.

In London, we work 24/7. That is an excuse. You switch your phone off and you blame the underground not having reception. But I thank God because His phone has no mailbox, (mteja), and there is reception 24/7.

I fall, but at that time I'm holier than thou. Until I fall down, not when falling, but when I'm down, then I accept defeat.

We have all sinned and fallen short of God's glory. Falling we shall fall, everyday, which is ok, but the problem is when we stay fallen. Sometimes I quickly get up, I wish you could see me wiping myself, asking why I fell, I thought the floor was dry, I didn't see the wet floor signs, so why did I slip.

At times we think we are dressed to kill, but after falling, our dressing is dirtified and we just have to wash not just ourselves, but our clothes.

Changing our ways can be inevitable if we have to stay right with our Lord. And we have to be there, (not nearly there) for Him to be there.

Prettylyf said...

God luck in starting over. May God's guidance be with you to get there.