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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Happy Easter

Easter is one of the most important Christian holidays. Easter is celebrated to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ from his death three days after he was tortured and crucified on Good Friday. Resurrection of Jesus Christ forms the main theme of the Easter Holiday.

One day when sin was as black as could be, Jesus came down, and was born to a virgin, living he loved you, dying he saved you and rising he justified you freely forever. May our Lord remind you once again that he died for you on the cross, that you may not go thru the same torture, and that you may live eternally.

With this in mind, I couldn't help thinking, if men did ressurect soon after death, would my loved ones want me to live again? Certainly not for this man.

A man and his ever-nagging wife went on vacation to Jerusalem. While they were there, the wife passed away. The undertaker told the husband, "You can have her shipped home for $5,000, or you can bury her here, in the Holy Land for $150."

The man thought about it and told him he would just have her shipped home.

The undertaker asked, "Why would you spend $5,000 to ship your wife home, when it would be wonderful to be buried here and you would spend only $150?"

The man replied, "Long ago a man died here, was buried here, and three days later he rose from the dead. I just can't take that chance”.

Have a happy Easter.


joyunspeakable said...

jez.....lol. really...am down with loads of laughter. happy easter.

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Happy Easter!

extravagantgrace said...

LOL thats so funny

Happy easter

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LOL! Happy Easter....

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Happy Easter

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