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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Free wedding photography in London

I’ve been negotiating to shoot this wedding, and just yesterday, I got the worst news. Another Kenyan photographer was on the look out too, and his negotiating skills are maybe better than mine.

Normally, a wedding photography package starts from about £350.00 to about £750.00, with a 10-15% deposit. But this other photographer had something better. He has offered to shoot the wedding free of charge as long as he’s allowed to set a studio at the reception premises. The studio photos cost £5-10 each depending on size and whether photo mounts or frames are available, but one can not determine how many people will actually buy their photos.

I’ve been in weddings where I’ve set up studios, or just being a paparazzo, and although the money can be good, most times it’s a flop, not forgetting the fact that people look at you in manners likely to suggest … not very welcomed. EGM says it better.

I can not stop wondering if this photographer will actually offer the quality of work he’d otherwise offer if he did not have a studio, and how many other photographers he’ll have backing up coz he can’t do it all.

It has left me wondering what the future of wedding photography beholds. I’m just weary of my Kenyan people, and I think I’ll have to rewrite my Marketing/Business Plan. I need to re-look at my targets.


Prettylyf said...

Take heart, I've faith in you and am sharing my hope with you and am sure pretty soon things will look up!!!

Maua said...

@prettylyf. I've got faith. Lakini, how low can one stoomp (if that's a word) for a sale.

Mo said...

Whatever happened to professional courtesy?

Might be a good idea to look at diversifying your target market.

Mo said...

By the way, I was criticising the rival that's stooping low and not you.

Good luck.

egm said...

That's an interesting position you found yourself in. I know how it feels to really want to do a job, but at the same time not to compromise on your pricing just so that you can get it. Personally, I have come to the conclusion that there is a certain minimum level of quality below which I refuse to go. Which is accompanied by a particular price that a client has to pay in order to get it. If they are not happy with that, then I refuse to take them on as clients and move on to the next one.

There's this blog which I read that has some great gems on wedding photography, with a few posts touching on the business end of things. He has written a series of posts here, here and here that touch on various things you can do to add value to your offerings that won't break the bank for you. He also has a great post where he rails against people that settle for "Good Enough". The risk of doing that, as he points out, is that you will settle for people who will want to pay "Good Enough" prices for mediocre work. He suggests that instead of that, aim for the highest quality you can provide at comensurate prices, and those that can afford it will come to you.

And so I agree, do revise your plan. Target those that appreciate quality and are not afraid to pay for it. If someone wants a wedding photographer who won't charge them anything just so that the photographer can earn money some other way, then let them go ahead and get that type. But don't feel pressured to do the same just so that you can get clients. Much easier said than done, but much better for you in the long run.

All the best!

petesmama said...

So, what happened? Did you get the gig?

Maua said...

@Petesmama. No way, it was not worthy it.

@egm. Thanx for the links, alot to learn. Need to act fast.