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Monday, 18 August 2008

Summer Fun Day

Yesterday was my church’s ‘Summer Fun Day’, a day we all look forth to. It happens once in a year on a Sunday afternoon after church in Greenwich Park in South East London. And it’s always sunny and bright.

Kenyan women get to play ‘kati’ aka dodge ball, bladder – something close to that, and bubble gum, although I grew up knowing it was bablican bablican. They give no chance for the other nationalities, mainly European to show what they did as kids.

Men, as usual, have carried football all these years and I don’t think they need reminding. Most find their game quite enjoyable, but a few will join the women as they reminiscence their childhood games.

Our children are always amazed at the games we played some 10-30 yrs ago. At first they just spectate, before they gather the courage to join in.

However, yesterday’s weather was a put off. The temperature was too cold, and many parents didn’t wait till dark. By 5:00 pm, we were freezing and almost everyone had left.

Next year, if I’ll help plan it, I might just call the weather station a month in advance just to be on the safe side.


threetypesofcrazy said...

did the bablican, bablican go something like "bablican,bablican, number twenty one, I went to the zoo and now I .........underwood." or did I make those words up back then?

A pity the weather did not permit it but from the pics looks like it was a good day.Would have been better had the sun shone!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Where I come from it went something like "mabirigani mabirigani, numba twendi wanu ai wenti fora woko andi now ai stopu andi rest!"

Maua said...

3TOC and PKW. Ours went like bablican bablican, number 28, I went for a wok and now I stop underbreak.... Close your eyes nd count 15.....oh 1 oh 2 oh 3,...

The bladder was fun though, no pics this year. Remember 'in - out - in - apart - in - out and over.

It's always been fun, and long, except this time.

Shiko-Msa said...

Bladder..... did you go as far as kaguru one? It was advanced stage bladder where the bladder was held on just one leg and not two. did you play rounders too? Lol.

Wewe 3TOC that song of the zoo sounds like the birthday version. Ours also went like mabligan mabligan I went for a walk but now I stop and a break.