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Monday, 11 August 2008

Kenyan Tribes - Last Draft

1. Boni
2. Giriama
3. Jibana
4. Kaoma
5. Pokomo
6. Rabai
7. Ribe
8. Duruma
9. Digo
10. Taita
11. Taveta
12. Embu
13. Gusii
14. Kamba
15. Kikuyu
16. Meru
17. Luhya
18. Nandi
19. Kuria
20. Tugen
21. Kipsigis
22. Pokot
23. Elgeyo
24. Marakwet
25. Keiyo
26. Sabaot
27. Elkony
28. Samburu
29. Turkana
30. Maasai
31. El Molo
32. Luo
33. Ogiek
34. Suba
35. Gabbra
36. Galla
37. Rendille
38. Boran
39. Orma
40. Njemps

Missing 2 if there are 42, and more than that if the number is bigger than 42. If I was to count all the Luhya sub tribes, the list goes to over 50. What if I omit the unheard of tribes eg Orma, Njemps, Gabbra, El Molo, but even so, the list is still more than 42.


Mo said...

How could you leave the main inhabitants of an ENTIRE province off that list?

Maua said...

@Mo. I'm lost.

North Eastern,
Rift Valley,

Which one???

Mo said...


Maua said...

North Eastern we mainly have Boran, Rendilee, Galla, Gabbra, who have I left out? No offence coz I'm sensing I've left you out.

Pls don't say Somali coz I associate them with Somalia.

Mo said...
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Mo said...

There are 481,000 Somalis in Kenya and, believe it or not, historians claim that the area of Kenya that we now call North-Eastern province has been populated by Somalis for over two thousand years.

May I ask why you don't associate Somalis with being Kenyan?


Anonymous said...

Hongera! I don't think I could have come up with a quarter of the list.

I have a link for my research

Anonymous said...

Maua...for your information Borana, Rendilee, Galla, Gabbra reside in Eastern province and not in Northern Eastern province.

Maua said...

@Mo, I'm sorry. But the arrogance in me just assumes, now I know. Pole again.

@Phassie, I just wanted to be a good mum. I still need one more tribe to make 42, any idea.

@Anon, I guess I'll start another piece of work, establishing exactly where the tribes live.

HLumiti said...

Na Bado. KTN were saying last evening that we're 75!

Maua said...

@Hlumiti. Ati 75, I need a word with KTN, how they got 75. Right now, I'm after the one remaining to make my 42.

HLumiti said...

Your list of 40 has now left out the Teso. They are not part of the luhya group.

And we may even be 106! Here's a related article;


Shiko-Msa said...

Haya Maua. Another 33 more to go. Twende kazi Lol.