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Sunday, 14 September 2008


In Nakeel's confessions earlier in the year, especially the one person she could kill if she could get away with, I greatly admired her courage. My SiL is a total b**** and I guess she practices all HnH's suggestions.

I've heard others like this and this. Not very close to mine, but I'm quite satisfied that I'm not alone. I ask, for how long?

If my brothers and I agree to meet or do something together, she has to spoil it. I have only 2 brothers, but she has 7 brothers and sisters, not to mention she has both her parents and we don't. She can choose which one to talk to when she wants, but we 3, we just have ourselves. As the eldest in the family, I sometimes want to just shoot her, bury her and ask God for forgiveness.

If given the chance, she can easily employ divide and rule to set everyone against each other. 5 yrs of her in the family, we have just learnt her style and how to avoid her.

This weekend was one of the confrontational ones, and after much thought, it dawned on me what the bible says in Genesis 2:24, so, am I the intruder. Should I back off completely coz my brother can't even come to my house without a fight, or do I have to torelate her b*****it to have my brother. Why only her, coz my other SiL is a darling. We talk at least twice a month if not every week. They live further, yet I feel more close to my niece, and I see her more often than my nephews who live not very far from me.

I'm consoled that maybe I need to physically forget that side of my family until they come to their senses. I have to learn to pray for them and ask God to intervene.

'Dear God, please bring Mr Right in my life and I promise I'll be the best sister-in-law in the world, Amen.'


Shiko-Msa said...

Does she blog? Might we write stuff about her only for her to read them and come for our E-throats?

Maua said...

Shiko, I wish she blogged, for the sake of our e-thoughts. She'd probably come to her senses.

Shiko-Msa said...

She wont. She's just pollute blogosphere hehehehe.

Nakeel said...

Maua I so feel you and I know how it gets we can only pray but the next time we meeting face to face let her call hger spirits from which world I dont know because it wont be well and I can live true to my word.
It hurts so much when you people have been brought up with much love and taught how to care about each other even with words see an intruder divide you.
We aint the intruders she is the one wanitwa wakukuja.
Lets stay in prayer but I think these ones dont ever change hata ufunge siku 80.

Mo said...

Ah, pole sana.

It took my mum decades before she got along with hers and now they are tight. Hope it doesnt take as long for you.

Maua said...

Shiko, you're right, pure pollution.

Nakeel, I feel like all my parents tilled so hard for, bringing us up to the people we are today has been robbed away overnight, and replaced with suspision, hatred and division. Wacha tu, one day, just one day God will revenge on our behalf.

@Mo, getting along we might in a decade, but I doubt if it'll ever be the same again btn my brother and I, too big a gap to fill.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Insecurity can turn even the best woman into a total bitch. I think huwezi understand unless you're in her place, but labda anasikia mnaleta compe for the husband's time and affection hence hiyo tabia mbaya mbaya. Some her issues can only work be worked out between her and your bro in order for her sunny SiL/friendly self to come out. In the mean time (a really mean time in deed), all the best!

joyunspeakable said...


you need a man real fast..God go help you girl