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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Judge stabs a motorist

Today I received the shocking news that my cousin is in hospital after being attacked by a judge in Nairobi. A judge of all people? I thought their roles are to prevent these things from happening.

Robert, our prayers are with you. Get well quick.

Fullstory and here

Section 62 of the Constitution reads: "A judge of the High Court may be removed from office only for inability to perform the functions of his office (whether arising from infirmity of body or mind or from any other cause) or for misbehaviour, and shall not be removed except in accordance with this section."

What are those other causes, I ask.


HLumiti said...

So now even the judges have no faith in the judicial system over which they preside that they should literally take the law into their hands?

GBM Kariuki is a disgrace. Even the matatu drivers we berate daily for the madness they bring on our roads do not sink to those levels.

But who will reign in blokes like GBM? See how the elite lawyers are tripping over themselves to bail out and defend the rogue. And his peers suggesting an out-of-court settlement because "this thing has implications for us". Like they have an image worth protecting.

I hope Robert gets well soon and that he'll find the courage and strength to 'fight' the judge in court. That way, he'll not only make a valuable contribution to our justice system, but his pain will not have been in vain.

Anonymous said...

what a shame. a judge is the last person you expect to actin this way. anyway, my regards to Robert, hope he gets well soon.

joyunspeakable said...

Pole Robert and to you Maua for the pain on your relative.

justice will be done....God is an avenger of his own

Maua said...

@Hlumiti, I've no words for this judge, and the fact that he's got free bail and still continues to serve as judge is beyond me. The system sucks. The guy made threats even in the police station, and the police, seriously, they couldn't arrest him initially because he's a judge (didn't know their rights).

@Neema, When I first heard, a judge was the last person I expected, but there you go.

Robert is out of ITU, and recovering with his family around him.

Maua said...

@Joy, tumepoa. Waiting on God to do His part.

Shiko-Msa said...

Is it just me or does GBM Kariuki look like a sadist? Like the kind who should never be loose among good people? When will some of these so called bit shots ever land in prison to share a room with other suspected and convicted criminals??!!

Hear him as quoted from Yahoo news, "I am a judge and cannot engage in something like that The guy actually tried to say that Kamau fell on his own knife!! He actually had the audacity to say that!! Eish!

Pole Maua about your cousin. I'm glad to hear of some progress in that he's out of ICU.

Anonymous said...

Pole Maua...I think God is doing his Part.

"Judge fails to show up at his workstation....High Court judge Justice GBM Kariuki did not report to his workplace, amid reports he had been stripped of some perks.

Part of the security detail seconded to the judge was withdrawn on Tuesday evening.

Sources said Chief Justice Evan Gicheru directed that all official vehicles seconded to the judge be withdrawn" http://www.eastandard.net/InsidePage.php?&id=1143997657&catid=159&a=1

Maua said...

@Shiko, ati what, fell on his own knife. Twice. The poor guy has 2 knife wounds.

Being out of ITU was good news for us, and we pray or a full recovery.

@Anon, thanx for the info, guess he doesn't want to show his face now.

Maua said...

Is the principal margitrate's name Lilian Muketi or Stella Muketi?

Kenyans in Kenya, pls tell me which is which.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Pole Maua. Hopefully justice gets served.
I'm surprised to learn that was your your cousin (who is now my cousin since we are related through this blog).

Maua said...

@PKW, still waiting on justice for your cousin, hahahaha.

He's out of hospital, convalescing at home. The doctors say he'll make a full recovery.

A big thank you to everyone for your concerns. God bless you.

Prettylyf said...

What? pole sana and Godspeed recovery to your cousin!!!