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Monday, 2 February 2009

When Snow brought UK to a halt

Heavy snows in the country last night and the whole place comes to a stand still.
• The airport's 2 runaways have been shut down, and all departures affected
• Train services have been canceled/delayed
• Bus service was suspended until further notice.
• Euro-star cancelled all services and offered rebooks for 60 days

Being a developed country which has experienced this weathers for thousands of years, one expects they would have learnt to deal with them. But today alone will cost the country millions of ££££


KK said...

I was shocked to hear you guys don't get that much snow over there... interesting. Now us we would be rejoicing if all we got was four to six inches of the damn stuff.

KK said...

Oh btw... welcome back. You can send me that manual although I am having fun figuring out how these things work. Apparently boys and girls are wired differently. Who would have thought.

Maua said...

@Kei, 10-12 inches. Schools have shut and I'm having a great time entertaining Mst Maua indoors. Meanwhile, no buses, no trains, all airports weren't functioning. I went down to my High Street (shopping centre), and it reminded me of '82 coup when people were shopping like there was no tomorrow. Apart from the main supermarket, all other shops remained closed.

Life did come to a halt.

I'm yet to go out today and see if life has continued.

Maua said...


Shiko-Msa said...

Welcome back Maua.

It's kinda fun though I imagine right? All in all stay safe.

bomseh said...

Another on my bucket list is causing havoc in other people's lives. Can't wait for when I'll experience the snow phenomenon.

KK said...

O.K! O.K! So you got a foot of snow...I'm betting the Mst. Maua couldn't have been happier. When do we get to meet him?