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Monday, 13 July 2009

Am I an alcoholic?????????????

I love my Smirnoff Ice - Black. It's the only drink that gives me no hangovers, but, I take like 2-3 in a week or two. So you can imagine my shock when my son told my brother to talk to me coz I'm becoming an alcoholic. Let me back up a bit.

A few months ago, a friend of mine phoned me to say he was very near my house, and if he could pass by. I said 'why not'. He works for a big Off Licence that also distributes alcoholic drinks. He happened to have a few SI –black in the car, and coz he knows I like them, he brought a case of 24.

I had a few that evening, a few like 3.

This was a time when I was writing a paper, and every evening after we had dinner I'd retire to my bedroom, with my laptop and a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, and sometimes I'd have 2 bottles. This went on for a few weeks. I didn't know my son was keeping records.

About six weeks later, my friend came again, and did the same. This time my son didn't keep quiet. He confronted me. 'Mum, you know you are drinking too much'. I was shocked.

We had a talk, and I reassured him. I thought all was gone.

Last Friday my new reap, Shujj brought me a big bottle of Smirnoff Ice.

On Saturday evening, about 10 pm I came from shooting a wedding, and my feet hurt. I was really knackered. I took a bath, then my blankie and just lay on the settee, sipping my chilled drink. About an hour later, as I was drifting off to sleep, my phone rung. It was my brother. He was at the door. I opened, and then immediately after, my son got out of bed. His eyes were red. He had been on the phone to my brother in tears, convincing him that I was drinking, again.

‘I think my mum has become an alcoholic’, I can just imagine him telling his friends and teachers. I think one of these days I’ll actually get drunk and he’ll see me drunk. He’s never seen me drunk, not in his life time.


joyunspeakable said...

Baby, i hate to burst your bubble, but your son truly believes you are alcoholic. He needs reassurance and the faster you let go of it for his sake the better.

Mo said...

They say the first step is admitting that one has a problem. Not implying that you are an alcoholic but, if your son's worried and you're now soul-searching regarding this, then you might want to check your 'score' here --> http://www.aa-uk.org.uk/publications/areyou.htm

Shiko-Msa said...

uuii scratch the last 2 sentences. We do not want to see mum blabbering around hobbling and staggering! Lol. 3 Smirnoff ice is not exactly a few. That stuff is strong.

Anyway Maua you need to re-assure the young lad. If it makes him cry he's serious about it. And he clearly has the best for you.

PKW said...

I'd say you're not since hauna shida.Wewe mwenyewe ndio unajua limits zako. I've realized 1 glass of wine or 2 bottles of SI-Red are the limit for me,kama sijala,otherwise 2 glasses or red wine. But...there may be more than alcoholism here-try build confidence and be a good model to the young master (preachy me!). You know, bringing up kids over there is quite different from over here. They can be labelled 'at-risk' and have issues for a myriad reasons-including hakulelewa na single parents. OK, preaching over.

PKW said...

I meant kulelewa, not hakulelewa up there. What a difference ha makes!

Farmgal said...

Oh my oh my! AA alert!!!! Lol lakini si your son loves you to bits.

Maua said...

Ok, ok, guys, I'm quitting the drink. Kabisa.

Shiko-Msa said...

And that's the same system that thinks teaching your kid to work around the house is child labour. And disciplining them is child abuse.

KK said...

I should introduce you to Pastor Joann... LOL
Honey, this race is not just for the swift. That last bit is prolly not relevant but it sounded profound in my head:)

Be silent said...

Okay at first it seemed funny but now he is crying on the phone? Bambi i think you should start putting it in a cup like tea.... Black ice is good i remember back at Uni my friend and i drank it as soda, with a meal, when thirsty yeah it was that good.

Nakeel said...

A bit late but I hope you got it under gal. He is delicate so handle it delicately. All the best.

Digzer said...

You are not an anlcoholic. You are not teetering awfully close to the edge. You are not in need of AA membership.

With that out of the way, isn't SI - Black just the best thing on earth! I completely relate to the joys of having a couple loosely in the house. (Since I don't have pals like yours, I stock up in the supermarket and the tellers always ask me to invite them to the bash ...)

Kid loves you and is concerned so I guess what you need to do is buy a fridge and hide it in your room that will be off limits for him and stock up in private, or stop drinking in the house. Your call.