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Monday, 14 September 2009

The Thames Festival 2009

Why is it that people who snore sleep before everyone else?
And why do tall people arrive early in church, meetings etc, sitting at the front and therefore blocking the view? My Five three height makes a victim of such people, all the time.

Imagine my disappointment (yet again) when I attended the Thames Festival 2009 and neither my son or I had a clear view. These tall guys came from nowhere and just squeezed themselves in, then carried their children on their shoulders. Heavy as my son may be (13 yrs), I carried him on my back, and these were the photos he took, the rest became history shortly after.

In the evening, the carnival was good. I’d recommend it as opposed to the Notting hill carnival, more peaceful and kid friendly. I feel like I never missed anything in August. Plus yesterday came with a bonus – Diversity, the finalists of Britain's got talent. I was with 3 other mothers and a dad, and between us we had 9 children. We left the Festival at around 9pm, just before the fireworks went off at the Thames South Bank. The looks on the kids faces - Priceless, even Mastercard can't pay.


joyunspeakable said...

Maua, you've been lost. You have not attempted to excuse the absence? How are you? Good to see a kid had fun.

Mo said...

Oh, Diversity!

That must have been quite a show! Well, what you saw of it (at least).

I'm officially jealous.

extravagantgrace said...

Maua you back!!!!!!
Was going to come down for the carnival but couldnt make it after all the planning I had done...mayb some other day. Hope you been good

Maua said...

Guys, I'm gud and blessed. No more excuses, will try once in a while for availability.

On Sunday, Priceless. That's all I can say, even though I never got to see the Diversity, my son did.