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Sunday, 2 March 2008


I've been tagged and tagged and tagged, yes three times. I've no choice.


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1 I'm always late for work regardless of how early I get up. I’m rarely late for church or weddings.

2 I hate loud noise and loud music. I get irritated when people play loud music in the buses and trains.

3 I don't get my shoes off, even after a long day at work because my feet get very cold.

4 I never have breakfast at home on week-days. If I try, I forget it on the table, untouched.

5 I’ve not dated for over 3 yrs coz I attract men who are 10yrs younger than me. I look 10-15 yrs younger than my age. What happened to men of my age.

6 I always have a gal’s dinner in my house at least once every 2 months for all my close friends and I to catch up on ‘hot gossip’.

Herein find guys tagged, Ngaaatho, there's no one to tag, they've all been tagged.


31337t said...

2. Loud is Wicked!

5. Indeed, where are they? Show yourselves men!

Dick said...

Interesting list. Have to agree with 31337t on loud. But then it depends on what music, which location and company present.

Maua said...

@31337t, is that wicked as in cool, or wicked as in not good at all.

@dick, loud, whichever way served is not good, hata with starters and dressings.

Bomseh said...

Seems we are sailing on the same boat. I look way younger than my actual age. That has made me think that I should reduce my age by a number of ears to get some advantages in life. Still thinking about it.

Maua said...

@Bomseh, sometimes it feels good, with the right crowd. But when a doctor tells you to get your son's mother, or you want some wine from the off licence and they ask for your ID, then it's a big issue, not to mention people asking when I did my KSCE, Jeez, I'm from before, KCE, CPE, KACE.

KK said...

LOL at the age thing.... But despair not as you are part of a growing demographic....

Anonymous said...

I used to be a habitual late comer to work until I was given the boot.

Let's just say; lesson learnt!

Mo Maalim said...

I could also NEVER stomach breakfast early in the morning. Nowadays, instead of plain toast and tea, I rush to this awesome affordable restaurant and get a full heart-attack inducing meal (French toast, fried sausages, a fried egg and tea) and I'm always energetic and raring to get to class unlike before when college felt like a necessary evil.

mwasjd said...

From no. 3, I can infer that you have cold feet over eating breakfast, getting to work on time, listening to loud music and relating to dudes your own age. Or it's the other way around...

joyunspeakable said...

1. you are a wedding bell
2. now, now....be a bit more accomodative.
3. nothing to comment
4. oh dear you....you'll starve or what?
5. what is age anyway? do the men despise you for age or do you despise them?
6.those girls, are they real or what? they should have advised you. looks they have been feeding you with negatives like, don't be caught with a younger man.....
7. Bonus..bonus...don't work with me cos i'll not take it kindly when you come late.

Maua said...

@KK, the biological clock ticks loud, no time to waste, I've got to go out there and find them.

@Phassie, I'm the last person to leave, hopefully, my mgr sees that.

@Mo Maalim, Even my boss doesn't talk to me before my cuppa coffee is ready, and 10.00 am, my toast can not be forgotten.

@Mwasjd, really! Ginger and Aloe Vera have been prescribed by my friends. Trying them now before next winter.

I'd rather have cold feet all my life than have loud music or date 20 something or early 30 something guys.

Maua said...

@Joyunspeakable, Wedding bell and wedding planner/photographer rhyme.

Loud music, whether served as a 7 course meal in a top restaurant, haitaingia.

I try to stay on diet.

Age is a number that I worry about, tried once with 2 yrs jr, I was the mother and he was the son. I have to accept, its me not them.

The gals are great, sisters, try hot gossip with them.

Late or early, I’m very motivated and I deliver b4 deadlines, you’ll like me.

Bomseh said...

Pls edit my typo. I meant years.

Maua said...

@Bomseh, I tried, this blog thing is still intimidating.

They all know what you meant.

extravagantgrace said...

I know of cold feet mine is a disorder and my hands have joined them.

I hope you take it as a compliment when someone thinks you are younger than you are. Can be annoying though when you are Id'd at the bar but I love it when I get half fares on the bus

Dont we all love the bitching sessions with girlfriends with lots of chocolate and icecream

Anonymous said...

I always try to be on the dot for most things but work I don't mind being a few minutes late.
Funnily I like loud music when I am alone or driving alone. Cold feet seems to be a common problem I think I have read of two other people with the same quirk.